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Faery Candle Service
The Setting of Spiritual Lights

Faery Candle Shrine

Candle magic is a time-honored method for focusing spellwork by lighting candles that have been empowered with specific oils, herbs, energy and prayers, all of which are aligned towards manifesting your particular need. In our service as Feri Priests we will dress, bless, and light candles on your behalf. Although we cannot guarantee that your every desire will be answered, we are proud of the results we have seen in our spiritual practice and hope to repeat such results for you, believing as we do in the power of prayer, the reality of magic, and the tradition of setting lights to express our need and desires to the Star Goddess Herself.

Pictured: Our Temple of Faery Candle Shrine burning candles for clients.

Once aligned to your purpose your candle will be lit and will set in motion spiritual energies oriented toward your goal.We will create magical sigils for your name and goal, then dress, charge, and burn a glass-encased (7 Day) devotional candle in our shrine on your behalf. We will then email you a follow-up report with a photo of the completed candle glass, providing insights as to how well your spell progressed based on how the candle burned.

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Faery Candle Service


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To purchase this service, simply (and briefly) describe ONE purpose that you would like your candle set for and click the button below.

Within 3-5 days of purchase we will create magical sigils designed from your name and need, draw them upon your candle, dress it with appropriate herbs and oils, charge it with energy and prayer, and light it on your behalf.

Within 12 days of purchase we will email you a brief follow-up report with a photo of your candle after its process is complete, providing insights as to how well your spell progressed based on how the candle burned.

Candles dressed and prepared for magic
Purpose For Candle
(Please refrain from emailing us to check on your candle until the 12 days have passed... we will contact you as soon as it is complete and do not provide reports on candles that are in progress.)

Ritual of Lights

Faery Candle Service